Vin code – deciphering of numbers of the car body (vin code)

Deciphering of the VIN number of the car body: learn everything about your vehicle.

Most of the chassis number is located in two places on the car and duplicated in the registration documents:

  • ┬ávin code under frontal (windscreen) glass
  • ┬ávin code on the front of driver’s door
  • vin number on the front of the registration certificate

Vin code

Standard code of the vehicle body is composed of 17 characters, which consist of three groups: WMI – 3 digits, VDS – 6 symbols, VIS – 8 symbols. This combination of numbers and letters is unique, and in addition to the general information content about cars, you can also know if the vehicle is registered in the hijacking that becomes relevant in the purchase or exchange.

Manufacturers reserve the right not to adhere to all the principles in the design of VIN-numbers of the car body, not including some of the parameters.