The quality of gasoline What low-quality gasoline can affect on?

The need for permanent repairs and additional maintenance of the car, especially foreign, rather quickly, can have a negative impact on the financial component of its owner. And, it is no secret that the need to change frequently a variety of auto parts for foreign cars can be caused by poor quality fuel, used even not often.

The quality of gasoline

Fabricating own gasoline, each company uses its own kind of special additives, turning the liquid into a full-fledged fuel. Metallic additives, acetone, naphthalene, lead, or ethyl alcohol in large amounts can lead to contamination of the fuel system or filter, forcing the owner to change prematurely auto parts for foreign cars or to carry out cleaning.

The pistons, rings and valves are also affected by poor-quality gasoline. Contaminate these demanding clean parts can no longer perform its functions on 100%, ensuring serviceability of the car and driving safety.
How much fuel is far from the standards only a special examination can figure out. Until then, it is necessary to pay attention to where you fill your cars, trusting only reputable providers of these services in this regard.