Omni United presented the new brand

Omni United new brandOmni United Omni United presented the first tire model under the new budget brand Patriot.

The representative of Omni United reported that the quality of the products of this brand will correspond to the production of Radar and save an affordable price.

The founder and general director of the company GS Sareen noted that the tires are mostly designed for the car lovers who need “safe, stylish and affordable tires”.

The first models of the new brand are all-season tires Patriot RB-1 for the compact silverado headlight conversion and mid-size cars, characterized by the longevity and acceptable grip during the whole year. It was possible to increase the resource and tire adhesion by using the asymmetrical tread pattern. The resistance to aquaplaning increased through the use of wide lengthwise grooves, and the light tire weight improves the response to the wheel turning and reduce the rolling resistance.

All Patriot tires will be produced in Thailand.