Led Headlight Conversion kit Review H4

Hello everyone today we got a new product here V. plus alien the hell life this one is the plus x series. We’re gonna test it. We got a low going instruction on package. Please keep in mind that we have different types of Headlight for LED light include he stated on the product packages. The time with a check mark is the one in the box rain now I have each for with me you can see that check mark right near. Okay not. We can see the I Instruction And 2 LED light bulbs. So let’s take a closer look at the el al yeah the light pole. We can see that it’s a bold with acid let me.

Led Headlight kit H4Each man has to light sets and each with 2 light medium dials on it. They were made of a you want why in 19 to. They meeting dials are wrapped with a layer of high intensity heat resistance leads to. About the site: http://sniffmedia.com info Headlight. Ed smart with them local along with many heat sinks wish make sure light won’t get too heated. There is some progress circling between off base and land.

The red circle is waterproof to make sure that no LEDs sick you poor won’t get wet. So let’s break it down. Let’s connect to the power and do some testing. So Swisher with his sleeve and the brightness can reach up to 8000 lumens. Seeing this product does not need a balanced. You even turning on really quick and easy without anyways. Let’s take a look at the details. Well we turned our low beam the front light bulb song they turn on the high beams at that point his son. Because X. LED light is also brought to prove up to IP 6. See a waterproof level Headlight. Even if the light is still being to the water you can still work.

I Even if we try to switch on and off. Still working Headlights. So. The V. plaza exco light has many advantages comparing to the traditional halogen and HID nights. Fasten easiest way shown no waiting time. Low power consumption and outstanding Headlights also has superior waterproof ability up to IP 68 level. The. Now let’s compare the brightness between the plus X. series. And traditional halogen light. See obviously. It’s much brighter and faster to turn on. Okay now let’s do the installation. So this is our open box review for this product if you like it or in learning more about things.