GPS- navigator: only useful functions

GPS- navigator: only useful functions.

More than 45% of navigator users told that the most important function of this device is a possibility to show the traffic in real time. Even if you know your home town like the back of your hand, it is very difficult to predict a spontaneous traffic. The price of GPS- navigator depends on the availability of function “Traffic jams”.
One-quarter of motorists think that the good navigator must have a full set of maps. Navteq is considered the richest software, used only for the navigators of Garmin. Choosing navigator, pay attention to the opportunity of downloading the new maps through the communication channel or a card reader.

gps useful functions

The next important criteria for selection of GPS- navigator is a quality and screen size. At that, the quality occupies the first place. It is important that the image on the screen can be easily read from all angles and in sunlight. With a good quality of display, the size is not so important. Moreover, it can even distract you at the time of driving.

The more expensive is the GPS- navigator, the more little pleasant things it can have. The navigators with a large display, you can watch video, the built-in speakers allow listening to the music in case you don’t have stereos. The navigator can serve as a hand-free headset for the mobile phone, replicating the speech of interlocutor through the headset and perceiving your speech with a built-in microphone.