Auto glasses – replace or repair?

Auto glassesUnfortunately, not all the roads are perfect, and in a way we can get into trouble. One of them is the appearance of cracks and chips on the glass from falling stones and other hard objects. If you notice even a small crack or chip on glass, the main rule – do not leave the situation to chance.

Even a small crack affects on the properties of the glass and can lead to further destruction: the crack will increase gradually and reach the edge. When you turn on the air conditioner or heater, when the temperature in the cabin is sharply reduced or increased, windshield crack can deform. There are two options – replace the windshield crack or repair it.

If the stone chip or crack on the windshield is small, glass can serve to you for some time. Of course, if there were damage, they do not disappear, but repair allows you to make them less noticeable.

The essence of the procedure is as follows: defect filled with a polymer that hardens grasps edge cleavage or fracture. Visually, the damage becomes less noticeable, but completely restore the original state of the glass and its properties are not able to repair.